Living the dream…..kind of

So, I’ve managed to publish my first novel. The printed book due to be available sometime next week. Now what? I’m already well into the second book. I’ve edited the shiznit out of the first. I’m this close to world domination. So why do I have this frown on my face?

A little thing called PR. Or for those of you that like to use the big words, marketing. I’ve spent day in and day out marketing the hell out of this book, and while I’ve managed to garner some interest, I realized belatedly that the dream is a long way off.

Still, I’m optimistic–and relatively patient.

The dream is one you have to work for. I gathered that much when I saw all the “bestselling authors” marketing their books on Twitter. And I’ve managed to write the novel, which is half the battle, so I know that at least, I’ve got one foot forward–or two, depending on what day it is.

So, as a way of enlightening those of my fans that actually give two shiz about this author, I’ve created this blog/author page/marketing tool/way to secretly hone my narcissism. And while I take this journey into the world of writers, you’ll gain insight to this crazy romance author’s mind. Lucky you. I don’t take any responsibility to what may result of overexposure to my crazy, but I can promise that I often offer cake…brownies…cookies…and any other kind of absurdly sweet concoction to buy your love.

So, welcome to my blog.

Check out the ebook of Awakening


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