Cover Reveal!


As I get closer to finishing the first draft of Metamorphosis, I have finished the book cover to begin promoting the second in the Promiscus Guardians Series!

Here’s a little bit of insider info; I do all the covers, formatting, editing, and coffee-making in this entire process. I have peers proofread, but for the most part, most of this process is carried out by yours truly.

And as a bit of a homage to my cover reveal, here’s an unedited excerpt of Metamorphosis!

“Bernard, you saved me,” Pavel said while walking the short distance to the cowboy’s side.

“Anything for you, baby,” Bernie answered, throwing an arm around the Russian and smiling in a way that was probably illegal in most countries.

“I think their bromance has transformed into full on gaymance,” I said to Lucas, who was unable to keep from smirking.

Yay me!

“Did you hear what she called us?” Bernie gasped, feigning shock while pressing a hand girlishly against his mouth.

Pavel turned towards Bernie with a bemused glance. “What does ‘gaymance’ even mean?”

“More importantly, which one of you is on top?” came another voice, immediately causing an internal leap of joy inside me. Carl moseyed over towards the group, tossing the two men a judgmental look, before shaking his head and sighing.

“Yeah, that is, indeed, a plaguing question,” I added, tapping my chin as if in deep contemplation. “They are both too beautifully masculine to know one way or another. Do you think they take turns?”

“Turns? In what?” Pavel asked, still not following our line of conversation.

Unfortunately for Blondie and his primary language, sometimes these disconnects happened. And extremely fortunate for me—the closet sadist—they were absolutely gloriously timed and perfectly entertaining. Every. Single. Fucking. Time!

“I hope not,” Carl said with another shake of his head, ignoring the confused Russian at his side. “Somehow, it seems insulting if my brother used the same face and body as mine to end up a bottom. Doesn’t seem right.”

Bernie’s face dropped with the insult. “As if a cowboy like myself would ever be on the bottom,” he replied, eyes glinting with frustration.

So being gay didn’t faze him but being a bottom did?

“Top, bottom…oh,” Pavel said, comprehension finally hitting him.

Seeing my opportunity rapidly approaching, my hand couldn’t grab my phone fast enough as Pavel’s face morphed from one emotion to the next.

Oh dear lord, it was glorious!

Before I could snap a picture, however, he was grabbing my phone and pocketing it with a speed that only Lucas could match.

Saw it here first folks! Happy waiting!

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