A Starbucks Debachal


Public writing landed me in some hot water today–literally. I got my tea knocked over by a stranger at Starbucks when I managed to sneak out of the house and steal away to a more private–and rather public–setting away from my kids.

I was just minding my business, writing the next novel in my series, when this dude comes over, hears my random loud laughter and proceeds to lose his shit, tip my tea over, and luckily–or is it unluckily–manage to tea all over my clothes. Thankfully, my computer was unharmed in this process. My baby managed to be far enough away from clumsy random male bystander. So! What does clumsy random male bystander do? He tries to “help” me by wiping the tea off my shirt.

Okay guys. I’m a married woman. Happily married. So when clumsy random male bystander started to “help” me, I went into full WTF-mode. I also happened to be in character, so it helped me along in this very confusing 3-minute process of berating a total stranger.

Luckily, invasive and much-too-nosy male bystander was there to offer his two-cents about how this situation could have been easily handled to the lesser clumsy random male bystander. Awkwardly enough, he also gave me some pointers on how not to get tea’d on. Honestly, these unhelpful tips were what led to my next move of telling invasive and much-too-nosy male bystander that he should run along to his next charity case.

Note to self: do not piss off invasive and much-too-nosy male bystanders or face wrath from their just as invasive and much-too-nosy wives.

Suffice to say, I’m never writing at Starbucks again. Sigh. Chalk up today to a learning experience. Also, I got a free scone out of the deal. Random male bystander got me a replacement tea and scone as a “sorry I tea’d all over you clothes…here’s a scone.”

3 thoughts on “A Starbucks Debachal

  1. I’ve never written in a coffee shop before and don’t think this endears me 😛 We have none nearby (I’d have to take a bus into town) so I can’t escape so easily.
    I’m sorry this happened. Was this your first time writing in there?


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