The Guardian Choice

Last night, I finished the first chapter of the new book of the Promiscus Guardians companion series, Guardians In Love. I’ve also already finished the cover, but it won’t be revealed until I’ve gotten a bit more into my writing. With the cover reveal, you will know who took the first place holding for their own book.

So, who do you think it will be?

Here are your choices:

  1. Bernard Johnson, also referred as the town idiot–or in this case, the Guardian idiot. What’s hiding behind the idiot exterior? Surely no one is really that way. Or are they?
  2. Carl Johnson, Izzy’s favorite cowboy. He’s the gentle, sarcastic, big-brother to everyone. A better dresser and the all-around suave and intelligent twin.
  3. Adan, the were-wolf/warlock mix that’s more often referred to as Spanish in the main series. He’s incredibly level-headed and rule-abiding. A tattooed giant.
  4. Cecile Bellamy, and a woman on fire. She’s both beautiful and lethal. A strongly confident French woman that refuses to allow any man to claim her.
  5. Gustave Bellamy, the French Prince Charming that is as beautiful as his sister but incredibly talented in the art of wooing girls’ socks off. While not as muscular, he is incredibly desirable nonetheless.
  6. Victor, the mysterious, cool angel head honcho, and a surprisingly sexual angel by nature that easily holds his own when considered against the other Guardians.

So who will it be? That question will be answered soon with the cover reveal. You will get it exclusive here, so make sure you keep your eye out for it!

Check out Awakening and Metamorphosis on Amazon; they are available to buy or read free on KindleUnlimited!


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