Exclusive on Guardians in Love!

Fellow romanciteers! I greet and salute you from a wide drool patch on my desk. Today, I hit fifty-thousand words in my new story, the companion series called Guardians in Love coming this year, sometime in late spring or early summer.

Here’s the low-down: I’ve been working my little patootie off since just before Metamorphosis was released on Jan. 9th. As a result, I’m a good bit into the newest story and can start to share some great new things coming your way.

Guardians in Love is a companion series that starts just at the beginning of the second book in the Promiscus Guardians series. It runs alongside it, and while it could be read as a stand-alone, it is best read after you’ve read the second book, Metamorphosis, as a way to add to the original story line.

While I am not ready to release who is featured (stay tuned for the cover reveal when I get about three-fourths finished with the first draft), I will say that this little hot number will appeal to many of the current fans of my main series.

Here are a few excerpts of who you’re going to see:

“Bernard,” the man said, offering me his hand again. “And that there is Carl, my brother, and the two sitting over there are Adan and Natalie.” I nodded towards them, smiling at Adan.

The heavily muscled Spaniard, which had worn combat-ready attire, came forward and greeted me with small kiss to my hand. Bernard pouted childishly as soon as Adan finished his greeting.

“Why does Adan get to kiss her and I don’t?!” he complained, puckering out his lower lip in a cute act that might have another woman fooled, but sadly for this cowboy, I wasn’t so easily deceived.

“His intentions are purely out of greeting.”

Fan favorite, Bernard Johnson, known to main character Izzy as Bernie, will be featured.

eat a dick

Another fan favorite, Pavel Volkov, also known as Blondie, meets our main heroine as well:

“Pavel Volkov? As in the same Pavel who is on Lucas Easton’s team?!” I nearly yelled. I caught myself, slapping a hand over my mouth in my embarrassment.

The tall, I’m guessing around six-foot-two, blonde crossed his arms with a sensual lift in his lips. “Yes? Have we met?”

“No…but we wanted to—I mean, me—me wanted to. Uh, sorry, I mean…I’ve been wanting to meet you,” I babbled as my face grew hotter and hotter with the exchange.

“Is that right?” he asked rhetorically, sexy grin intensifying with every word out of my mouth.


I’m really excited to be shedding a little light on the new book, and you MUST stay tuned for the cover release…I intend to bring lots of chocolate to lure the hungry readers out.

Until next time!

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