First Comes Love, Then Comes Editing

The first draft of Victor is finished! AND…it’s much shorter than I planned, but that’s what editing is for! Besides, while this is meant as a stand-alone, the book also serves to add depth and another side to what you see in Izzy and Lucas’ story following the second book.

Therefore! I was able to write with ease, and a little bit of magic–pun fully intended. I managed it the day before I start college after being nine years absent from it! It’s definitely one of the ooh-ahh moments for me. Editing is tedious, but you basically get to see what crap you wrote and if it’s any good. Hopefully, mine will be, or I might just cry. A lot. Tears and tears of hopeless disappointment.

Still, I managed it in two weeks. I wrote a full novel in two weeks. Boo-yeah.


Okay, gloating is over. I’m getting ready to start the first read through, so wish me luck!



6 thoughts on “First Comes Love, Then Comes Editing

  1. Goodness, a completed draft in two weeks? I bow to you!! May I ask how many words you’ve got? When I’d finished the draft for Rise of the Sparrows it was shorter than I had hoped, too, but as you said – that’s what the editing is for ^^ Good luck with it!

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