Seven Deadly Sins

I have been tagged in this Friday fun post by KJ. Chapman over on her blog. Thanks for the tag KJ! I’m happy to add my little spin and flavor of humor on this!

The following questions are based on the seven deadly sins, and are relevant to reading and writing.

Pride. Share a line or small scene that you’re really proud to have written. 

“However, forgive me, Lilly, I fear I have very little ability to converse in my current state,” he said, forcing my body back against the headboard. “When the very thing I most desire is right before me, even I have very little self-control to resist capturing it.”

Envy. Tell us about the book you wish that’d you written. 

Honestly? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The simple classic that has withstood time. 

Wrath. Tell us about a trope or cliche that makes you furious.

Weak, helpless heroines. I can’t stand them. We’re strong–all of us. When we’re made to be meek and mild-mannered, I get pissed.

Gluttony. Tell us about a trope you just can’t get enough of.

Paranormal/ supernatural romance- brooding hunks. Steamy, but easy reads. –Stole this from KJ…says it all

Lust. Tell us about a character you’d do unspeakable things to. 

Darcy. OMG…I”d do horrible, no-good, completely adulterated things to you. And I have to say, the hunks I create make me want to as well, but I do it to them without their consent on a daily basis.

Sloth. Tell us about your favourite form of procrastination. 

Friendly chats with my fellow authors…all day, every day.

Greed. Tell us which author’s top of your auto-buy list. 

KJ. Chapman, I’m waiting for her book right now. Pins and needles. As far as others, not too many get me on that wait list. But, I would read anything Kim Harrison writes.

I am tagging Brittany to have a go at this tag.

A fun little number here, and I’m sure that it’ll be an interesting read for those that look into my lovely deadly sins!

10 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins

  1. I almost echoed your weak heroines line, as that’s one of my pet peeves. But since you so accurately represented it, I decided to go on to another.

    I loved your answer about Darcy. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out as a teenager I was heavily drugged. My sister had to take care of me, and put on some film adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice”. I don’t recall which one, as I was quite sloshed on the meds. I do recall however, that I insisted his name was Mr. Marcy. I’ve since imagined him to be a mashup of Mr. Darcy and Marcy from Peanuts. Needless to say that although I love his character, I have never thought of him in that way.

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    1. Well, if you manage to read all of my books, you will find that I have a particular love for hard-to-crack stoic types. I love the idea of seeing that frown turned upside down…and into a groan. Of course, I write romance, so it’s sort of my shtick! What you will never see in my books, however, is a heroine that lacks ability to fight back or becomes meek and mild-mannered. Now, let’s not confuse politeness and respect as meek or mild-mannered. I think there needs to be an element of that, but mine are always sarcastic, sassy and chalk full of clever retorts.


  2. I love the line you posted, and I agree completely on the ‘weak heroine’ thing. Heroines whop can’t get anything done by themselves and need someone else to save them don’t make great heroines. The same goes for heroes, of course.

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      1. Haha, no, I agree. I’m tired of heroes who can’t get anything done by themselves. Everyone is relying in small degrees on other people, but a hero who relies entirely on everyone else is off-putting and really it de-herofies him. It’s his friends who get him to the end who are the actual hero since the story couldn’t function without them, and the hero himself becomes almost pointless. Nobody wants to read a book like that!

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