Can I Cry Now?

This last week has been filled with its fair share of ups and downs. I would like firstly to say that Victor is coming along nicely and is nearly finished with editing. I got some great feedback from my ARC reviewers, and I’m excited to release it Feb. 13th.

Now, onto the bad.

This week, I started back at school, which was probably the most exciting/terrifying experience in recent days. My being older than half the class wasn’t helping either. Do these loafers make my ass look old? And when I finished all my homework well before it was due, I felt like a proper student.

As you all know, I recently published the second book in my series Promiscus Guardians, and while it wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t as heavily edited as Awakening. I have received phenomenal feedback for the first and conflicting for the second.

giphy (1)

So, I’m sure you can imagine that I wanted to have a much needed chocolate frosting session and have a good cry this weekend, but I had three sick kids to contend with and my younger brother’s birthday party, plus, I was trying my damnedest to finish editing.

Suffice to say, I plan to have a good cry tonight and eat chocolate tomorrow. I was comforted by fellow authors and friends, and I think I’m ready to write again. I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time until I get another series of bad reviews…and I will be five-pounds heavier the next day, but I feel like I now have steeled myself somewhat for that probably nearer than I want to admit future.

To all those authors that have suffered bad or mediocre reviews (which should probably be all of you by now), we will stand against this injustice, and we WILL survive it!


4 thoughts on “Can I Cry Now?

  1. Aww *hugs* *hands you some frosting* I go for cookie dough when I’m especially bummed out but frosting is amazing as well. You’re right, bad reviews suck and they hurt and are never a fun thing to experience but as you said, you will survive and live to write another day. You are a fantastically talented writer with awesomeness oozing out of your pores 🙂 Don’t let the negative opinions of the few out weigh the positive ones of the masses. You’ll get over this hump and until you do, eat ALL the frosting you want ;p

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    1. I feel so empowered….and I didn’t even THINK about cookie dough…I’ll use that for the next one, be assured. And thank you. I think I sometimes forget that I have something that has appealed to others. And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll laugh from my mountain of awesomeness at those little people who tried to trample my dreams.

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  2. While I haven’t experienced a bad review yet – because I haven’t actually published anything ;P – it’s something that I dread. People can be cruel when it comes to reviewing works. Don’t let their words tear you apart. A wise woman named Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Love and believe in yourself. That is essential! And persevere. The fact that you had the courage to share your story is inspiring! Keep pursuing your dreams! And best of luck 😀

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    1. Thank you! And yes, it can be rough to put yourself out there, especially in a way that is so personal. You write this, and it’s part of you. When they reject your work, they are essentially rejecting you–or so it feels. I haven’t had terrible reviews, but I know they’re going to happen, so this is good practice for that future.

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