What’s Coming in April?

Here we go. Another release. My 13th if you’re counting. I am.

This time, I stepped out of my favorite writing world to start a new alter-universe about angels and demons. It’s actually the first time since I started publishing in 2015 that I wrote a book about something other than the Guardians.

I made this all by myself. PRAISE ME!

It still follows the same themes I like to write–supernatural intrigue, hot guys with unattainable muscles, kickass heroines who don’t need no man, and all the humor you have come to expect from my stories. All the characters are my favorite, but I have a little something new–kids.

To be fair, these kids are cute and endearing. Not turds. But who am I to judge? You’ll have to decide that for yourself.

I never look this hot by a window.

This new story is a hot piece of sexual awakening and a whole lot of “Is that legal?” It toys with different themes, since Ciara is on the edge of 18 (an adult a month later in the story) and Cain, the angel who says he’s not a stalker, is like a bazillion years old. Okay, he’s like, 600 or something, but still sort of falls into that “Gross, he’s like an old man and she’s not” theme. I play around with this topic a bit in the story, making jokes about it because we all wonder where maturity lies, what does consent look like, and when can she take off his shirt without it being a crime?

Those nail marks are going to show up tomorrow.

So really, what’s it about? Well, thanks for asking.

Ciara is the oldest sister of four, who spent nearly eighteen years caring for them. She’s put the roof over their head and food in their mouths with a father lost at sea and a mother absent for various neglectful reasons. She doesn’t like to show weakness. She’s not interested in anything that can’t help her pay the bills, so when her world is upended by a demon attack and a team of military-slick angel types, Ciara doesn’t know what to do.

All of this leads to a few discoveries. Biggest of all–Ciara is a half angel. And *gasps* a dark overlord, okay, a demon, is after her. He wants her (because who doesn’t) and will stop at nothing. NOTHING I SAY.

Ya-da-ya-da. It’s really just about a hot guy with silver hair, his companions who think he’s a pervert, and a brood of kids who Ciara is bent on protecting. My summation is flawless!

Baby got baaaack

Since you found it on the internet, it must all be true. Long story short, the book will be available to read April 12th 2021, and you can head over to pre-order from all major ebook sellers. Click all the buttons. CLICK THEM.

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