Social Media Queenin’

My brand-new dominatrix of a PA has pushed me to be more present on social media. I’m a narcissist, so I readily agreed. Recently, you’re seeing an uptick in reachout via newsletter, Facebook, blog, and now (new this week) I’ve started a TikTok!

I don’t want to brag (I will anyway), but I’m sort of finding a groove with this new self-promoting, self-centered, narcissistic fad to post endless videos about yourself and basically anything random your head can think up. And no, I didn’t stay up all last night watching endless, mindless videos of men chopping wood (seriously, what’s that all about?!)

I promised myself never to be lured over to THE TIKTOK, but here we are. I blame my PA…and several other loud voices in the room encouraging an outreach there.

Like I said: Chopping wood.

So, what can you expect from this new push? A whole lot of ridiculousness. There’s no easy way to say this, but in person, I’m just as weird and awkward as I am writing this post which is basically to myself, hoping someone will read it and I won’t fail at the one thing my PA asked me to do.

We’re cooking up a few more ideas. Expect lots of content and videos coming your way. But for now, check out my new platform of ridiculousness and feel free to give me a follow and comment on one (or all…it better be all) of my videos.

I’m looking forward to talking to the void, an endless sea of faceless people, and act like it’s not totally weird I’m doing it.

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