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Well, hello again, stranger turned friend in five seconds because I said so!

It’s your basic crypto chick, coming in hot with another exciting new development in the CLUverse.

Just a few days ago, CluCoin and its staff launched their long-awaited website, where not only will you be able to track your wallet and reflections (the automatic percent you gain with every transaction being a holder based on how much CLU you hold), but you’ll be able to buy/swap CLU right from their site.

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First of all, if that didn’t make you squeal, you didn’t read it slowly enough. Buy/Swap CLU directly from the website. Not only that, you can view your reflection gain in real time on the website wallet. It’s the first coin website that can claim to do this, which is a HUGE achievement.

In celebration of the website’s release, there will be active quests to finish in order to receive NFTs (made by Sneaky Bro Art), to which the first 2500 CLU holders to complete the first level and 1500 CLU holders to complete the master level quests will be rewarded.

When does the event start? August 1st 2021 at 12AM UTC (8PM EST) will be the first day you can try your hand at the quests to get CLU NFTs for both levels.

Learn more here!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to connect your wallet, Twitch account, and Discord account to make for easier navigation.

But that’s not even all of it!

I’m going to walk you through some of the most amazing features, but I genuinely encourage you to go explore their website and have fun with it. The layout is easy to navigate and completely user-friendly for new-to-crypto types.

Honestly, the site was made with investors like you in mind, and the tutorials and white paper express this in not only their language but clean and effortless formats.

What’s in your wallet? Thanks to the ingenious efforts of the CLU development team, you’ll be able to connect your wallet directly to the site and track your purchases and reflections. Eventually, once the CLU card gets underway, you’ll have access to it from the site as well (featured in your wallet when you connect by the card “coming soon” on the page).

Is that Sneaky Bro Art or are you just happy to see me? Another amazing feature on the site is you’ll be able to view all of your NFTs directly in your profile. Not only that but you’ll be taken directly to their page if you click on them.

It’s a great place to periodically go to pet them and love them and whisper sweet nothings to them. One day, I’m confident they’ll be worth a pretty dime.

How do you buy this crazy thing called CLU? Because buying crypto can be confusing, the team behind CluCoin put together a simple how-to tutorial, both in video and written form, to help you buy/swap. And like mentioned earlier, you can access their buy/swap feature directly from the site.

Get started here!

It’s so fresh and so clean clean—it’s the sparkly new whitepaper! New with the site is an updated whitepaper that will explain not only why you should invest in CLU but what you should expect in its future.

Check it out and see what CLU is all about.

HELP! For jargon you may not understand, check out my previous post on crypto slang.

We’re going on an adventure, roadmap style! To complement a new, sparkly whitepaper is a real-time roadmap that will update with every new point that’s been completed. You’ll be able to see how the team is knocking out goals (the way they already have been), and all with a simple click.

You can check it out here!

It’s the little things that count… Additionally, the CLU website has current price, holder count, supply, and market cap listed directly on its home page as soon as you connect your wallet. You can also check out its mission, its team, and its overall design just by scrolling down on the home page.

It may appear simple, but that was the intention in its design. The site will offer quick, easy navigation and an optimum experience by doing so. Like I said, you’re better off exploring it yourself and familiarizing with its content.

Don’t just take my word for it, even though I’m adorable. Go out there and click, click, click, you crazy crypto-lovin’ kids!

Fan girl moment activated! The home screen picture literally gets me squealing every time I open the page. So. Freaking. Cool.

(Courtesy of Sneaky Bro Art)

To keep up to date with all things CLU, make sure to follow their Twitter and Facebook and join the chats in Discord and Telegram.

We’re so excited to have you as part of our CLUmmunity.

*The opinions in this blog are my own and are in no way, shape, or form the opinions of CLU or its affiliated parties.*

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Crypto Slang 101

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You’re new. You’ve put your foot into the waters of Discord CLU chat and been chased away by jargon-chattering crypto natives. Promise they’re sweet once you get to know them. But now you’re here, pleading with me to explain what the heck it all means.

Never fear, your basic crypto chick is here!

I’m about to give you the low down on all the terms that will make you walk the walk and talk the talk. People will bow at your feet. People will think you’re super crypto savvy. People will revere you!

Or, at the very least, you’ll know what they’re talking about.

Here are some of the most important crypto terms I gathered and became an “expert”in yesterday (thanks to my unbelievably supportive crypto-suave friends and the good ol’ search bar!) to help with my new-to-crypto buddies’ adventures into the CLUmmunity.

DeFi coin: short for, “decentralized finance.” (Check out here to read more about it from my previous post What Ya Talkin’ Bout–CLU). Simply, DeFi applications attempt to mimic traditional financial systems but don’t have a centralized entity controlling them as a whole.  

Fiat: refers to currency established by the government to serve as money. Unlike crypto, it is tracked and regulated.

Bear market: a market experiencing prolonged price declines.

Bull market: a market experiencing prolonged price inclines.

Crab market: a stable market where it neither increases or decreases much over a prolonged period.

Blockchain: refers to a data structure that holds transactional records to ensure transparency, security, and overall decentralization. Essentially, no single entity controls all the parts.

Think of it like a metal chain. Every link is a data block that strings together and can move to some degree but, ultimately, stays in its proper order.

Tokenomics: a term to describe the characteristics of a coin that makes it appealing to investors inside the market.

I.E. CLU’s whitepaper outlines its tokenomics for individuals interested in investing.

HODL: short for, “hold on for dear life.” A term used primarily in the crypto community to encourage other investors to hold onto their coin and weather the market when it is often down or volatile.

“Dude, that’s a funny story” Intermission: Originally, HODL came from a typo and carried through the ages as a LEGEND.

FUD: short for, “fear, uncertainty, and doubt.” It refers to misinformation and the spread of it surrounding the crypto community in particular that drives down confidence in a coin.

Informational Snack Break: Beware the FUD-spreading trolls living on Reddit! They won’t calm down even with chocolate-covered facts. I’ve tried.

DCA: short for, “dollar-cost averaging.” The process of investing a decided amount in small increments over time. The intention is to take advantage of market downturns without risking too much at any one time. Often used for those who buy high to average down and capitalize on their investment in the long run.

Burn: a term used to reference when a developer (sometimes digital currency miners) removes its own coins from circulation to slow down inflation and decrease the total supply circulating in the market.

Vesting: the act of keeping tokens from being traded or transferred during a scheduled, often long-term, period of time.

Fact: CLU vested its burn, CLUnited, team, and CLUmmunity wallets.

Posted on CluCoin Twitter

Ladder: the act of buying and selling incrementally with a limit to avoid buying or selling too much at any single price, essentially moving up and down in position over time.

ATH: short for, “all time high.” This term refers to the coin’s highest price point.

NFT: short for, “Non-Fungible Token” which is a digital artwork in some format that, much like crypto coins, gains value over time and can be traded online like any collectable within the crypto market.

FACT: CLU has NFTs it has given away to its holders as rewards for being an early buyer, participating in events, and winning giveaways.

NFT image property of CluCoin and created by Sneaky Bro Art

(Check out Sneaky Bro Art and their awesome work here!)

DYOR: short for, “do your own research,” which means exactly how it sounds. It’s meant to encourage a potential investor to do their own research before investing in a coin, oftentimes to avoid rug pulls and honey pots.

FOMO: short for, “fear of missing out,” often refers to individuals who don’t want to miss out on buying something because of hype made around it. In crypto coins, in particular, the potential gains cause people to rush to invest, and if it’s a true FOMO, the coin drops down in price dramatically afterwards.

Diamond hands: a term we use in the crypto world for people who hold their coin through tough markets and tumultuous periods. Simply, people who hold through anything.

I.E. Whenever you see the hand and gem emojis, you’ll now know what they’re referring to.

Paper hands: a term used to identify those who sell the minute the coin rises and profits them as well as when the coin even remotely starts to drop.

I.E. “Shaking off those paper hands.”

Many of these terms are pretty straight-forward, but the ones that aren’t, you can now use in a sentence without anyone suspecting you’re new to this exciting thing called crypto.

Pretty sweet.

Ultimately, CLU is an investment, so being well-informed will protect you against FUD and any other malicious types of naysayers roaming social media.

The crypto market can sometimes be volatile, confusing, and fast-paced. It’ll take time to learn all there is to know. Don’t worry if it feels like you’re still fairly unsure or it’s somewhat out of your depth.

You are not alone.

It’s been a few months since I, myself, joined this exciting world. Half these terms I learned yesterday and it took careful, slow, sometimes in-depth explanation from my fellow crypto buddies to understand what any of them meant.

The CLUmmunity is very welcoming and happy to answer any and all of your questions. All are welcome, from long-time holders to potential or brand-new investors. We’ll be there for anyone looking for answers in our Discord (or on Twitter and Telegram).

Image by CluCoin

Ask questions and get involved. You won’t regret it. You’ll likely make a horde of new friends, too! I know I did.

Join the Discord and come say HI!

Come chat on Telegram!

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*The opinions represented in this blog are my own and are in no way, shape, or form the opinions of CluCoin or their affiliated parties.*

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Brand-New Serial Stories

Are you ready to read something new and ongoing from me? It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I’ve been working hard on several projects and different approaches to delivering content.

Serial stories are a new way to tell a story for me, though I, at one time, several moons ago, wrote fan fiction and it was a bit like what I’m doing now with these two stories.

First, let’s talk about Kindle Vella

Kindle Vella is a brand-new serial story platform Amazon has launched in an effort to cater to new types of readers, like Wattpad and Radish Fiction. Breaking ground on this could either go really amazingly or be a total trash fire.

So far, it’s mixed.

Two weeks after launch, and I’m still struggling to get readers onto the platform. Though, Vella promises to offer a newer, much-cleaner experience and I hope it pans out because I’ve already written out V, Teenage Vampire Hunter’s first 36-episode season!

My story is full of sarcasm and action and teenage introspective drama, so really just slices of all the good things you could want.

Presently, you can read episodes 1-12, released every week on Monday, on Vella. However, Patreon will release the Friday before, so another episode will come this week for Patreon subs.

V, Teenage Vampire Hunter is now on Kindle Vella and Patreon

So what is she about? What makes her tick? Why is she getting her own long-running story, and is it anything like the Promiscus Guardian Universe? V is, in age, a teen but her story is far from appropriate for teens to read. I wrote her that way to hit on some pretty big issues with some of the reading I’ve done in the Young Adult world.

Major differences exist between this world and my Guardians. I involved more in terms of genetics and science, and I’m playing with alternate takes on mythology and magic. The lore is there, but most of it, like in the Guardian Universe, is creatively morphed to my own unique take.

However, her story is by far one of my favorites to write and even 36 episodes in, there’s no clear love interest. V goes through a lot over the course of these released episodes, and the twists and turns will leave you desperate to know more.

You can read the first three episodes free and use your tokens to read through episode 10. Make sure to LIKE and crown the story every week when you buy an episode if you like what you’re reading. This helps maintain V’s spot in the top 3, which presently she is in several tags and Top 40 in the all-time Faves.

Image found on Google Images

So what’s the other serial story I’m doing? Demon’s Lady can be found on Wattpad and Patreon, which will be updated every few days and currently has three episodes to read. As you probably already figured out, it’s FREE to read on Wattpad, so make sure you vote and comment to help give me the necessary feedback on your experience and views on it.

Demon’s Lady is a darker paranormal romance, and it will be appropriately trigger warned as a result. Triggers include: abuse, rape, and questionable consent.

Lady is an anti-hero type–vengeful, sarcastic, fight-hungry, and out to punish all men. She’s half demon and toes the line between good and evil. Her character is fun to write because she has the devil-may-care apathy I sometimes wished I could have.

Presently, her story is more gore than romance, but don’t be fooled. This one will be spicy, full of eroticism, and play with uncomfortable themes that may or may not dissuade your reading experience. I promise to be gentle (maybe!)

You can start reading Demon’s Lady today on Wattpad and Patreon!

Of course, there’s always free reads to go through with several of my books, so make sure to check out my author page for your next read!

Start looking here!

What Ya Talkin’ Bout–CLU

Well, hello there, random person who doesn’t know one thing about cryptocurrency.

Sit down, get comfy, grab a snack, maybe put on some music to set the mood, and we’re going to chat a little bit about DeFi coin and CLU!

To be fair to you (and mainly to me), cryptocurrency is pretty confusing on a good day. Only a few months ago I was introduced to the world of people who talk fast, watch charts, trade and sell quicker than you can say “How ya doin’?” and say things like “Wen moon” and “Wen lambo.”

It’s a confusing but exciting thing we’re doing here. And now there’s a coin that will change the landscape of DeFi coins—and the world—forever.

First, though, let’s talk DeFi coin.

What is it? DeFi is short for “decentralized finance” and somewhat of an umbrella term used in conjecture with several financial applications in both blockchain and cryptocurrency. Long story short, several entities keep a history of transactions and eliminate the “human” middle man. It makes for faster distribution in comparison to centralized financing by removing the person between you and the transaction.

Still not sure? Not to worry. The main thing to remember is that cryptocurrency is ever-moving and ever-changing. Ultimately, unlike in a bank, tracking your gains is done primarily through a wallet that is protected by a seed phrase. No one but you can have access to it.

Intermission: Never give out your seed phrase to anyone.

It’ll take a little time to understand all the moving parts in the crypto world.

So, now you must be wondering what CLU is and why you suddenly want to yell out “Get a CLU!” You’re not alone. First time I heard it, I yelled out that very same thing.

CLU is a DeFi coin that will work in direct alliance with its charity, CLUnited, to not only offer its shareholders benefits for buying and holding but opportunities to be a part of a community erected on giving to others. Reflections are distributed to current shareholders with every transaction (with the exception to some exchanges).

So, you simply gain more just by holding onto the coin. The more you have, the more you get. Who doesn’t love free money?

Image by CluCoin

Fact: CLU has already donated $125,000 (yeah, I whistled too) to Save The Children and distributed over a hundred scholarships to help its own community with attaining wealth through Axie Infinity—a game where one garners SLP (Smooth Love Potion, the coin in correlation with the game) by simply playing adventures and progressing through levels.

Why CLU? CLU may be a coin, but it’s a community first. The people who stand behind the CLU name are what make this coin worth not only your investment but your time and effort. It’s a collective effort of people from all walks of life and skill sets. Its community is diverse, inclusive, and in my opinion, one of the best I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of.

With a great community like the one CLU has, amazing things are in its future.

*These opinions are my own and are in no way, shape, or form the opinions of CLU or their affiliated parties*

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