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Image by CluCoin

Well, hello again, stranger turned friend in five seconds because I said so!

It’s your basic crypto chick, coming in hot with another exciting new development in the CLUverse.

Just a few days ago, CluCoin and its staff launched their long-awaited website, where not only will you be able to track your wallet and reflections (the automatic percent you gain with every transaction being a holder based on how much CLU you hold), but you’ll be able to buy/swap CLU right from their site.

Image by CluCoin

First of all, if that didn’t make you squeal, you didn’t read it slowly enough. Buy/Swap CLU directly from the website. Not only that, you can view your reflection gain in real time on the website wallet. It’s the first coin website that can claim to do this, which is a HUGE achievement.

In celebration of the website’s release, there will be active quests to finish in order to receive NFTs (made by Sneaky Bro Art), to which the first 2500 CLU holders to complete the first level and 1500 CLU holders to complete the master level quests will be rewarded.

When does the event start? August 1st 2021 at 12AM UTC (8PM EST) will be the first day you can try your hand at the quests to get CLU NFTs for both levels.

Learn more here!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to connect your wallet, Twitch account, and Discord account to make for easier navigation.

But that’s not even all of it!

I’m going to walk you through some of the most amazing features, but I genuinely encourage you to go explore their website and have fun with it. The layout is easy to navigate and completely user-friendly for new-to-crypto types.

Honestly, the site was made with investors like you in mind, and the tutorials and white paper express this in not only their language but clean and effortless formats.

What’s in your wallet? Thanks to the ingenious efforts of the CLU development team, you’ll be able to connect your wallet directly to the site and track your purchases and reflections. Eventually, once the CLU card gets underway, you’ll have access to it from the site as well (featured in your wallet when you connect by the card “coming soon” on the page).

Is that Sneaky Bro Art or are you just happy to see me? Another amazing feature on the site is you’ll be able to view all of your NFTs directly in your profile. Not only that but you’ll be taken directly to their page if you click on them.

It’s a great place to periodically go to pet them and love them and whisper sweet nothings to them. One day, I’m confident they’ll be worth a pretty dime.

How do you buy this crazy thing called CLU? Because buying crypto can be confusing, the team behind CluCoin put together a simple how-to tutorial, both in video and written form, to help you buy/swap. And like mentioned earlier, you can access their buy/swap feature directly from the site.

Get started here!

It’s so fresh and so clean clean—it’s the sparkly new whitepaper! New with the site is an updated whitepaper that will explain not only why you should invest in CLU but what you should expect in its future.

Check it out and see what CLU is all about.

HELP! For jargon you may not understand, check out my previous post on crypto slang.

We’re going on an adventure, roadmap style! To complement a new, sparkly whitepaper is a real-time roadmap that will update with every new point that’s been completed. You’ll be able to see how the team is knocking out goals (the way they already have been), and all with a simple click.

You can check it out here!

It’s the little things that count… Additionally, the CLU website has current price, holder count, supply, and market cap listed directly on its home page as soon as you connect your wallet. You can also check out its mission, its team, and its overall design just by scrolling down on the home page.

It may appear simple, but that was the intention in its design. The site will offer quick, easy navigation and an optimum experience by doing so. Like I said, you’re better off exploring it yourself and familiarizing with its content.

Don’t just take my word for it, even though I’m adorable. Go out there and click, click, click, you crazy crypto-lovin’ kids!

Fan girl moment activated! The home screen picture literally gets me squealing every time I open the page. So. Freaking. Cool.

(Courtesy of Sneaky Bro Art)

To keep up to date with all things CLU, make sure to follow their Twitter and Facebook and join the chats in Discord and Telegram.

We’re so excited to have you as part of our CLUmmunity.

*The opinions in this blog are my own and are in no way, shape, or form the opinions of CLU or its affiliated parties.*

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