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Hey! You’re back. But of course you are, because you think I’m the cutest little basic crypto chick you ever did see!

Maybe you’re here to do your research. Maybe you’ve bought CLU and are thinking “Now what?” Maybe you’ve had CLU for a while, stumbled upon this little slice of wordsmith heaven, and your momma didn’t raise no quitter so you’re going to read to the end even when you know everything there is to know about crypto and CLU.

Whatever the case, we’re so glad to have you here!

Check out this amazing video on CluCoin’s page!

CLU is working towards gaining visibility and traction. It’s starting to appear in places big to the crypto world like PancakeSwap and BitMart. It’s being talked about all over the internet, and, at best, the testimonials are conflicted and often guided by misinformation.

First, CLU is still fairly new. Only released a couple months ago, CLU started off with all eyes on it and people chanting “Wen Moon?”

But ultimately, this coin was developed for the long game. It’s a coin meant to be held, and reflections (a percentage distributed to all shareholders with every transaction) are attained the longer you keep it.

Image found on CluCoin’s Twitter

Not to mention, holding longer is better for tax reasons. Though, in no way shape or form am I in any position to give financial advice. That’s what my accountant is for, and he gets paid a pretty penny every year because of it.

So, understandably, the team behind CLU has developed and adapted to necessary changes in their white paper and the path towards its fundamental goals. The white paper details the coin’s roadmap of success and its destinations for how it will be achieved. Essentially, it’s an outline of what CluCoin is all about and its overall vision.

On the new CluCoin website (read more about it in my previous post), you can find a live roadmap that will be updated any time the team accomplishes another line on the map!

Image can be viewed on CluCoin’s website

CLU was built on the idea of a community making a difference and helping others. Already, the CLUmmunity is vastly invested in several opportunities like Axie Infinity and several exchanges.

Organized rewards have and will continue to be held for CLU’s holders through roles and occasional perks like NFTs and holder-specific programs. For this reason, CLU has become a social experience that would rival any cosplayer convention—bonds forever forging in a fast-paced, jargon-totting, game-playing, and ridiculously fun environment.

Check out the quests and Sneaky Bro Art NFTs on the site!

More about the community can be read in the white paper.

Thankfully, the team behind CLU is so savvy and considerate, they wrote their white paper with new-to-crypto readers like yourself in mind. Even I didn’t have trouble following it. And that’s saying something since I have to read everything crypto related five times over to gain a scant bit of understanding.

Presently, the roadmap details to the end of the year, at which point an updated roadmap will be provided. So far, several things on the list have already been accomplished.

To keep it brief, unlike the stories my twelve-year-old daughter tells me, I’ll only list what still hasn’t happened.

At the time of this super fabulous informative post from yours truly, these are what are expected next: vesting contracts for holder roles, play-to-earn, esports team, media team, CLU card wallet, and exchange planning.

You can find a more detailed breakdown about these points in the white paper. And I promise it’s beautifully laid out and incredibly easy to read for someone like me, who some would argue has the attention span of a rambunctious toddler.

When you buy CLU, you become part of a well-established and beyond supportive community of individuals who want a better world for others. If not already clear by the already helpful community established out of the coin itself, then certainly by its vision statement to “help [the CLUmmunity] reach their goals and thrive.”

This is only the beginning of more unbelievable things to come, and just by buying and holding CLU, you become a major part of it.

*The opinions represented in this blog are my own and in no way, shape, or form the opinions of CluCoin or affiliated parties.* 

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