Get A CLU–Axie Scholarship

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So, you’ve got your fancy-shmancy CLU wallet, and now you’ve decided to join the Discord community. Because, clearly, that’s where all we cool people live.

So, you’re hum-hawing around the chat, talking to friendlies, eyeballing your next best buddy, steadily practicing all the new crypto slang you’ve learned from yours truly, and someone mentions the crazy new play-to-earn opportunities like Axie Infinity the CLUmmunity has to offer.

Well, welcome to another reason to be excited about CLU.

What is play-to-earn? Play-to-earn is exactly the way it sounds. All you’re required to do is play and you can earn something in return. Different games will sport different reward systems, and it’ll be important to understand their gameplay to benefit most from them.

What is Axie Infinity, and why does it sound like a superhero? Axie Infinity is a trending NFT game where you can play to earn tokens, quite literally—SLP (Smooth Love Potion) and AXS (Axie Infinity)—with tasks outlined in the game’s interface. Its gameplay is easy and fairly quick to learn. And when you get better, you can earn more through the arena, otherwise known as PVP.

In this video, one of the CLU Ambassadors explains what Axie Infinity is. He breaks down the key notes to the scholarship and play, so make sure to check it out and subscribe to his awesome videos!

What’s this fancy scholarship program? CLU invested in not only Axie Infinity but its own holders to create a scholarship program where people from the CLUmmunity would be sponsored to play. Each scholar, to which presently CLU has over hundred, is given a team of three Axies to play the game with.

Axies range based off ability and are very valuable themselves. But for entry level, a team of three can cost approximately $1000.

What are scholars, and how are they important to CLU? Scholars are the CLU holders who applied during the first and second wave to be sponsored by CLU to play Axie Infinity. Scholars must bring a certain amount of SLP a week (though the amount is subject to change due to new season earning potential changes) to maintain their spot (dailies and adventure are worth 75 SLP), of which CLU takes a percentage to reinvest back into itself.

Basically, CLU is quite literally rolling in the SLP! In a month, CLU has already matched their investment.

As such, scholars are helping CLU bring in outside money to reinvest into the token to pay for events and giveaways, and other CLU-specific necessities. So, unlike in the past, the team will not need to pull directly from CluCoin’s funds because the money is being made elsewhere. The Axie Infinity Scholarship made this possible, and it’s a total game-changer.

What do scholars get out of the deal? Obviously, scholars earn their own cut based off how much they garner over the month and the price of SLP (as it is a crypto coin as well), which will vary at time of withdrawal. Scholars are rewarded if that is reinvested back into CLU by upping their holder roles over time, meaning scholars get more benefits the higher role they have in CLU.

Season 18 Axie Infinity Changes discussed.

An approximate monthly earning at the time of this post for someone garnering the average SLP daily is around $800. Meaning, CLU’s scholars are earning a part-time income simply by playing a game.

Why am I here writing to you guys when I could be off playing Axie Infinity? I call shenanigans!

How does one become a fancy, SLP-earning scholar? Presently, CLU isn’t accepting new applications to become a scholar, but there’s talk about another wave to bring more in. The best thing you can do is become a presence in CLU’s discord and actively engage with the community. CLU rewards its strongest community supporters, so the more you help, the more opportunities you will have to be a part of something amazing.

You can join CLU’s Telegram as well!

Axie Infinity is just the start. CLU will be investing in more projects down the road, like The Sandbox Game, Ember Swords, and Rust which will offer similar opportunities. Meaning, just by being a part of this community, you’re already making a difference in someone’s life.

Play-to-earn is only one thing out of a horde of awesome things that makes CLU different and remarkable. CLU has already changed many people’s lives in just under three months since its conception, and it will continue to do so because the community behind it is already unbelievably strong.

*The opinions represented in this blog are my own and are in no way, shape, or form the opinions of CluCoin or its affiliated parties*

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Image by CluCoin
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