Not Your Typical Romance

Most of you are aware I’m presently venturing into serial writing and a new way to tell a story. One such story is delving into heavier topics and darker places. It isn’t normally what I write. It deals with dubious consent–something a lot of people struggle with–and elements of sadistic pleasure from vengeance.

My heroine isn’t the typical one I write, and for good reason. She toes the line between good and evil because her rough upbringing and being half demon. Her hatred for men in general is what sets her apart from other characters I’ve written because it’s a driving factor for why she fights.

She doesn’t fight to save others. She fights to punish men.

I wanted to encapsulate a heroine who embraced her darkness. Think Harley Quinn but minus the drive for romantic entanglement. Even her favorite weapon is a bat.

The storyline? At this stage the only things I know are that her relationship with Nova is pleasure central. I have toyed with different motives behind his character and landed on one I’m hoping to build on. But the story doesn’t have much fleshed out presently.

You’ll still be barely getting to know the characters and their relationships with each other. It won’t be clear how they all play together, outside of Ty and Lady, who have a mutual distaste for one another.

What is clear is Lady’s friendship with Jordy being the reason she hasn’t gone totally off the rails. He’s the anchor to the good she needs in her life; that burst of hope and light in a sea of darkness. Their friendship, as it may seem, will eventually elevate to something resembling romance, but not at present.

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So far, I’ve posted 7 episodes that range from uncomfortably triggering to all spice and everything nice. I wrote on Wattpad as a way to try out this story without the pressure of delivering anytime soon and to play with themes I hadn’t written before.

The timeline at present is pretty all over the place because of multiple projects I’m working on at the same time, but I’ve been delivering episodes every couple days or so.

Start reading!

I do list some trigger warnings, but all the episodes are free to read on Wattpad. Make sure you check out my other reads if this one isn’t for you!

Brand-New Serial Stories

Are you ready to read something new and ongoing from me? It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I’ve been working hard on several projects and different approaches to delivering content.

Serial stories are a new way to tell a story for me, though I, at one time, several moons ago, wrote fan fiction and it was a bit like what I’m doing now with these two stories.

First, let’s talk about Kindle Vella

Kindle Vella is a brand-new serial story platform Amazon has launched in an effort to cater to new types of readers, like Wattpad and Radish Fiction. Breaking ground on this could either go really amazingly or be a total trash fire.

So far, it’s mixed.

Two weeks after launch, and I’m still struggling to get readers onto the platform. Though, Vella promises to offer a newer, much-cleaner experience and I hope it pans out because I’ve already written out V, Teenage Vampire Hunter’s first 36-episode season!

My story is full of sarcasm and action and teenage introspective drama, so really just slices of all the good things you could want.

Presently, you can read episodes 1-12, released every week on Monday, on Vella. However, Patreon will release the Friday before, so another episode will come this week for Patreon subs.

V, Teenage Vampire Hunter is now on Kindle Vella and Patreon

So what is she about? What makes her tick? Why is she getting her own long-running story, and is it anything like the Promiscus Guardian Universe? V is, in age, a teen but her story is far from appropriate for teens to read. I wrote her that way to hit on some pretty big issues with some of the reading I’ve done in the Young Adult world.

Major differences exist between this world and my Guardians. I involved more in terms of genetics and science, and I’m playing with alternate takes on mythology and magic. The lore is there, but most of it, like in the Guardian Universe, is creatively morphed to my own unique take.

However, her story is by far one of my favorites to write and even 36 episodes in, there’s no clear love interest. V goes through a lot over the course of these released episodes, and the twists and turns will leave you desperate to know more.

You can read the first three episodes free and use your tokens to read through episode 10. Make sure to LIKE and crown the story every week when you buy an episode if you like what you’re reading. This helps maintain V’s spot in the top 3, which presently she is in several tags and Top 40 in the all-time Faves.

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So what’s the other serial story I’m doing? Demon’s Lady can be found on Wattpad and Patreon, which will be updated every few days and currently has three episodes to read. As you probably already figured out, it’s FREE to read on Wattpad, so make sure you vote and comment to help give me the necessary feedback on your experience and views on it.

Demon’s Lady is a darker paranormal romance, and it will be appropriately trigger warned as a result. Triggers include: abuse, rape, and questionable consent.

Lady is an anti-hero type–vengeful, sarcastic, fight-hungry, and out to punish all men. She’s half demon and toes the line between good and evil. Her character is fun to write because she has the devil-may-care apathy I sometimes wished I could have.

Presently, her story is more gore than romance, but don’t be fooled. This one will be spicy, full of eroticism, and play with uncomfortable themes that may or may not dissuade your reading experience. I promise to be gentle (maybe!)

You can start reading Demon’s Lady today on Wattpad and Patreon!

Of course, there’s always free reads to go through with several of my books, so make sure to check out my author page for your next read!

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